D: 2 and half year old Cocker Spaniel was not weight bearing on his left front leg 24 hours after spending a few hours at a country show. Had one Bowen treatment and some rest; the next day he was back to his usual bouncy self with no leg problems at all.


Canine Bowen Technique can help dogs who are experiencing a wide range of issues. The Technique is holistic and aims to works with the dog as a whole rather than dealing with specific conditions.


That said, Canine Bowen Technique is regularly used to help dogs with the following problems:


  • Acute injury - sprains & strains

  • Arthritis & muscular problems

  • Skin conditions & allergies

  • Stress & anxiety

  • Lameness & problems moving

  • Back problems; hip & elbow dysplasia

  • Respiratory conditions

  • Aggression & behavioural problems

  • Chronic illness & degenerative disease - improving quality of life

  • Relaxation of tension from previous trauma, e.g. rescue / rehomed dogs



M: 5 year old Labrador x Labradoodle. Dysplasia in both front and both rear legs. Had difficulty standing up and walking was sometimes stilted. After 2 treatments, her movement was more fluid and standing up was easier.

Although Canine Bowen Technique is a 'remedial' therapy, it is also effective in helping to maintain good health and balance in active and hard-working dogs and in dogs who take part in competitions, e.g. agility, field trials and obedience.


If your dog is experiencing problems, and you're not sure how to help him/her, why not try Canine Bowen Technique.

You might just be surprised!


Please note that vet consent is required before any hands-on moves can be done.