Per individual session                           £30

The required number of sessions will vary; often 2-3 sessions at weekly intervals may be sufficient to achieve a noticeable change.


As I typically come to the dog, travel costs may be incurred:


Within 10 miles of Honley                     No charge

Between 10 & 15 miles of Honley               £5

Between 15 & 20 miles of Honley             £10

More than 20 miles from Honley       to be agreed at time of booking


Accepted payment methods: cash, cheque or major credit cards


Some pet insurance providers will cover complementary modalities, including Canine Bowen Technique. If you have pet insurance, please check your policy for details.

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Canine Bowen Technique is designed to complement the proper care provided by your vet. As such, it is only available by consent / referral from your vet. Please contact me for a referral / consent form. 


A course of Canine Bowen Technique should not be mixed with any other hands-on or manipulative modality.


Sessions usually takes place at the dog's home as this is the place where the dog is likely to feel most comfortable.


The length of the each session is dependent on the dog. The actual consultation may take up to an hour; hands-on work usually takes no longer than 20 minutes.


During as session, the dog's welfare is the most important consideration; moves are therefore carried out at a pace that is determined by the dog. Procedures are never forced on the dog and they are free to walk away or indicate the end of session at any time.